Celtic exit confirmed as player posts emotional goodbye

Goodbyes are always tough, but one Celtic player who has been around for the majority of his career has just posted a heartfelt goodbye.

No one likes to say goodbye, but it is a part of life. That is especially true in professional sports, and even more so on a competitive club. Which is why it is reasonable to assume it will be very hard to make Celtic’s first-team next season.

As such, expect some familiar faces that were hoping to have that breakthrough begin to move on with their professional lives. This is exactly what happened with Calvin Miller, who was a promising player brought into the youth system by former manager Brendan Rodgers.

Calvin Miller never did quite live up to the expectations set forth for him as a player, and as such found it very difficult to ever achieve his ultimate goal of making the Celtic first-team as a mainstay fixture. But one could always tell his heart and effort were 100% in the right place. Which makes it hard to see a player like that leave.

Miller recently posted on his Twitter a heart-felt goodbye:

It is unclear where Calvin Miller will be moving on to. He should have some options available to him come this summer. It must have been a difficult decision leaving a club as dominant as the Hoops knowing that that any club he would join would never live up to what he was used to.

But if he wants to place first-team football, just like every player, then he needed to make the career shift. We wish him the best of luck.


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