Ally McCoist makes stunning admission about Celtic 9IAR

Ally McCoist made a stunning admission after Celtic where crowned champions of Scotland for the ninth straight time although he continues to hold on his asterisk theory.

When interviewed on Tuesday morning on TalkSPORT radio, Ally McCoist, as a past legend for the Rangers, was still clinging to the asterisk theory.

The Scottish Sun reported the interview where McCoist confirmed what is evident to everyone:

“Celtic were the best team in the league. They’re 13 points clear. Of that, there is absolutely no doubt”

“The title and the promotions aren’t tainted.”

He’s maybe gone off message on that as it’s pretty silent from the Ibrox club all round re the record breaking second 9 in a row for Celtic.

It’s not very likely the Rangers loyal fans will be pleased to hear that acknowledgement from him. They’ll love it about as much as knowing yesterday’s season ending, title awarding decision was unanimously supported by all clubs. Yes, that means the Rangers voted to award the title to Celtic!

McCoist though, was quick to raise the asterisk point again. He’s also alluding to Neil Lennon’s firm assertion about tainted titles as reported in the Daily Record.

“Tainted titles suggests some sort of illegality or some kind of cheating going on.”

Quite right Neil, anything on your mind there in particular?

McCoist was pretty adamant and true to form, he’s no doubt following the blue PR brief in that respect. And forgotten all about the Rangers asterisk years.

“It will have an asterisk next to it, of course it will.”

“The asterisk will say, through no fault of their own, this season has been different.”

Has it though?

  • Nine in a row suggests a Celtic title isn’t that different.
  • Top club in Scotland, not that different.
  • Wailing and protestations from Ibrox, not that different.

Clearly the way the season has been brought to an end is different. It’s meant this is one of the latest dates Celtic have been confirmed as champions. It’s meant that they weren’t given the opportunity to increase their lead beyond 13 points. And it’s probably saved further embarrassing performances from the light blues as they stumbled through the second half of the season.

There’s no need for an asterisk, it’s business as usual in terms of who wins. And even the Rangers board knew that when they voted.

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