Celtic legend claims Ibrox board are scared of Peter Lawwell

One Celtic legend believes that the Ibrox board is less concerned with stopping Celtic as much as they are concerned with Lawwell’s relationship with the SPFL.

We all know the drama brewing among the clubs and the SPFL these last few weeks. All of the issues have surrounded the shutdown of football due to the global pandemic. But one thing has been clear through this all. Rangers have been the spearhead of the attacks on the SPFL, and Celtic has sat by releasing few statements.

Rangers have accused the SPFL of bullying, coercion, and wasted everyone’s time by releasing a ridiculous statement/dossier that contained no evidence of the above. They have also tried to impede the championship being awarded to Celtic.

But all of this has not seemed to faze the Hoops as they have sat by and watch Ibrox burn itself to the ground. There is a reason great clubs remain great and horrible clubs remain so. But why are Rangers doing this? Why go down this route of self-destruction?

Celtic legend Davie Provan seems to have the answer after writing his column in SunSport:

“If you ask me, this isn’t about Gers trying to prevent Celtic’s inevitable crowning as champs — it is more like an attempt to remove SPFL board members they fear may be close to Peter Lawwell.
“The Celtic powerbroker hasn’t said a word during this rammy. He hasn’t had to. Lawwell has the moral high ground to himself.

“By agreeing to finish the season if at all possible, he’s put himself beyond criticism. It’s now a matter of when, not if, Celtic get the title.

“Rangers’ league collapse leaves Celts with an unimpeachable claim on this season’s title.

“Lawwell says he’d have preferred to finish the games but he’ll take the Champions League place whatever way it comes.

“And once Rangers’ request for an independent enquiry is kicked into touch at Tuesday’s EGM, it’ll be business as usual.”

Provan is correct on all points here. Rangers are more concerned with following through with a faux vendetta that will never work. Instead, Rangers are digging their own grave while Celtic remains idly by waiting to be awarded the championship they have earned.

Rangers have probably caused damage to the image of Scottish football over the last few months, and after this is all over they need to be held accountable.

Today’s EGM proved as much as they managed to gain only 13 of the 32 votes required to force through an independent investigation.