Does Steven Gerrard know what he is talking about?


Steven Gerrard on Talksport today compared the way Scotland and England are working on how the season ends. Perhaps if he really knew Scottish football and appreciated the differences he might understand.

He talks of there being an almighty rush to end the season in Scotland. Clearly with the pace Rangers have been working at to produce their dossier about the SPFL resolution, rushing isn’t much in evidence over at Ibrox.

Gerrard points out that in England they are still looking at how to end the season and  still working out how they might play it to a close. They’re still looking to work with the government down south on how they might restart football.

He didn’t mention specifically the huge TV money at stake for the English league, which is far less of a consideration in Scotland. He didn’t mention, and may not appreciate, the enormous impact gate money has for Scottish football. It’s a far more significant proportion of club income in Scotland compared to England, largely due the lesser TV income. Gerrard must have some idea though based on his recent appearance on his club’s website to drum up season ticket sales.

In Scotland, it’s arguable that the SPFL and most clubs have taken a far more realistic view of the current situation, have grasped the nettle and are dealing with a dire financial situation for clubs. Rather than dither, speculate, protest and wait to see what might happen.

Gerrard goes on to mention that He and Rangers weren’t at all happy that in his view there was a rush to get votes on the season ending resolution from the SPFL board. Clubs had 28 days to respond, although most were keen to get their votes in early given the overall financial desperation and the desire to get hold of the funds a successful vote would release. 28 days, hardly a rush, it’s not even as long as it takes to write a dossier these days.

It’s also clear that the Scottish Government has different views on restarting football, even behind closed doors looks highly doubtful in Scotland for some time. The Scottish news and media have replayed that story consistently but maybe that’s less clear from a Merseyside base.

Despite having indicated after February’s disastrous form and results for Rangers that the league was lost,  Gerrard was still clinging on saying he’d want to add pressure to Celtic and try and close the 13 point gap.

Of course he is,  he has to say that. Some might say Rangers need every opportunity to see the season out. Others like Roger Mitchell an ex-SPL supremo are questioning whether they can even survive long enough financially to reach the end.

We don’t know for sure on Roger’s speculation. What we do know with confidence is that at the end of this season, however it ends, Celtic will be there on top.

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