Celtic handed massive £10 million advantage over Rangers

Celtic will enjoy an incredible £10 million advantage over their cross-city rivals, after they announced their recent kit sponsorship deal.

It is no secret that no Scottish club comes even close to Celtic when it comes to either performances on the pitch or their financial strength. And that was just further solidified a few months earlier when the club announced their record-breaking kit manufacturing deal with global sportswear Adidas.

While it was not announced how much the deal was worth, it is sure to be more than the 5-year, £25 million deal the club had signed with New Balance in 2015. But according to Sports Pro Media, the deal is estimated to be around £30 million over the course of its 5 years.

Rangers are a club who have been struggling to find a kit deal for some time after their earlier partnership with Hummel came to a messy ending. But finally they have somehow managed to get things over the line by announcing a deal expected to be worth £20 million over 4 years with Castore.

Now if you have never heard of the brand, we would not blame you. Almost nobody had just a few days ago. But since their association with the Ibrox club, half of Glasgow can’t stop talking about them.

Just to burst their bubble a bit, but the Castore deal is not even in the same ballpark as the Hoops’ Adidas deal. And with no previous experience in the football market, one can only wonder how the company will handle things next season. If the past is any indicator, Rangers do have a habit of ending their sponsorship deals on unfriendly terms.

Whatever may be the case, this sets up Celtic with at least a £10 million advantage over their closest rivals. And that kind of money can go a long way, especially in Scottish football.