Rangers youngster makes distasteful Celtic lockdown joke

A Rangers youth star made a Celtic joke regarding the lockdown that was certainly in poor taste considering the current situation all over the world.

The football season has been indefinitely put on hold at this point of time as the world tries to tackle the coronavirus outbreak. As things stand right now, Celtic sit 13 points above the Rangers in the Premiership table. But with the coronavirus numbers soaring worldwide, it is unclear whether the season can even be finished, which has left the fate of the title in the dark as of now.

Yet with thousands of people losing their lives from the disease all over the world, football is absolutely secondary right now and the most important thing right now is to find a cure. Until then though, people have been advised to stay indoors in order to top the various from spreading further than it already has.

It is to serve this purpose that the UK and Scottish governments announced a virtual lockdown. And they will be hoping that people staying indoors will see the spike in the number of cases go down in the near future and it is has not hopefully gotten out of hand yet.

As a result, Rangers youngster Nathan Young-Coombes could not have picked a worse subject to crack a joke about Celtic. The 17-year-old had a question and answer session on his Instagram. As reported by The Scottish Sun, one of his followers asked him whether he would play for Celtic or spend one year in lockdown. ‘Lockdown’ was the answer from the youngster.

With the entire world going through tough times with many countries forced to adopt a lockdown policy, the Rangers boy somehow felt that it was good idea to even entertain the question. Obviously he is just a teenager at this point of time but whatever backlash he gets for this incident, he would have deserved.

It will be interesting to see what kind of action the Rangers take regarding the issue.

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