Neil Lennon reveals Celtic’s future plans for Scott Brown

Celtic manager Neil Lennon has outlined his future plans for captain Scott Brown for when his time as a player comes to an end.

Scott Brown has been the fabrics, the soul, the blood. and the heart of this Celtic squad for years. If there was ever a player to totally, and completely embodied what it meant to wear the green and white, it would be Scott Brown.

So, it comes as little surprise when Hoops boss Neil Lennon has publicly come out and said that it would be devastating for Scott Brown to ever leave the Hoops. Celtic must do whatever it takes in order to keep Scott Brown around the club in some type of capacity.

Lucky for us fans, that is exactly what Neil Lennon has in mind for Scott Brown’s future. At some point, once Scott Brown’s career as a player is over, he wants Scott Brown to come in to the club as a coach. Of course, there is no telling when the 34-year old’s playing career will come to an end as he appears to be going just as strong as ever.

Speaking to the Glasgow Times, Neil Lennon makes his case and position clear for Scott Brown’s position:

“I wasn’t here at the time but when I heard the talk about him possibly going to Australia, I thought it would have been a disaster.

“As far as I am concerned, when he stops playing there will be a coaching role for Scott here at the club. I would offer him something straight away.

“For me, it is the obvious path for him in the future. He is doing his badges at the minute and I would definitely want him around the place when he stops playing.”

Neil Lennon is quite a smart man. It is true, Scott Brown moving to Australia would have been a disaster for the club. How would the club look today without his veteran leadership and presence?

In any case, we should expect to see the captain around for quite a long time, even after his playing career.

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