Former SPFL chief’s revelation is great news for Celtic

A former SPFL chief has recently revealed that there is a points formula to determine champions in cases where the league can’t be completed. This is great news for Celtic.

As everyone is well aware at this point, the Scottish Premiership League is at a complete halt due to the novel coronavirus. Questions have arisen as to how the season will be played out, and how it will find its conclusion.

It appears likely that the season will be played out behind closed doors or that Celtic will be crowned champions by merit of being 13 points atop the table. But now, Roger Mitchell, a former SPFL chief has revealed that there is a points formula to determine the champions in instances such as this.

Celtic should already be named champions just based on merit as they have played over 30 matches and are 13 points atop the table. But this new points formula still gives Celtic a near certainty at winning the league.

BBC was given a simulation run by Euro Club Index using this formula to determine the winner of the league, here are the results:

“In Scotland, Celtic’s 13-point advantage over Rangers means they have a 98.87% chance of winning the Premiership, although the latter will cling to that 1.13% until the bitter end.”

And if that isn’t the truth then we don’t know what is. Rangers, despite Bora Rangers winning the The Highland League by, wait for it… 13 points, will always cling to the 1.13% chance that they could win the league.

No matter how it’s cut, or how one tries to solve this “riddle” it all comes down to the same result: Celtic win the league, and go on to achieve the nine-in-a-row. Most of the pundits are behind this, the SPFL, and now the statistics. Now all that is left to decide is whether to lay the games out, or just give the championship to the Hoops.

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