Former Rangers man makes unexpected Celtic admission

A former Rangers frontman has now gone on the record saying that Celtic may be the only club in Scotland able to financially weather this period.

Strange times we live in, indeed. All of football is shutdown across the globe, in fact almost all sports leagues are shut down across the world. While many Celtic and football fans are clamoring for the return of their club, even if behind closed doors, clubs are worried about something else.

That ‘something else’ is the finances behind all of this. Tickets, merchandise and concessions are not being sold on match day. An indefinite suspension to leagues means clubs are not being awarded end of the season money that would have been awarded.

Many smaller clubs, like Hearts, are having to make concessions just to keep the lights on during this period. Unfortunately, most clubs do not have the global fan base like Celtic that help keep the club afloat during this difficult times. This goes beyond which football club you pull for, and being fine with them going under. Instead, this is dealing with people’s livelihoods and how they hope to make ends meet.

However, Steven Naismith, current Hearts captain and former Rangers forward, believes that Celtic are the only club truly suited to weather this storm relatively unscathed. Speaking with the Daily Record, he is what the Naismith had to say:

“Ann isn’t looking for sympathy, but it’s been misconstrued why she’s just doing this.

“Every club in Scotland outwith maybe Celtic will come into hard times. It’s inevitable it’ll happen. Ann is just trying to be proactive with that.

“People are saying she’s doing this or the club goes under – she’s not saying that at all.

“She’s trying, as an intelligent businesswoman, to minimise the risk of people losing their livelihoods.

“Anyone can have their opinion on the management or the board at Hearts, but at this moment in time it’s not about that. It’s about saving jobs here.”

People can have their opinions on wage cuts, or who they support on the pitch. But, Naismith is highlighting the reality of the situation. Many will have to cut back, or lose jobs altogether if the league cannot come to a conclusion or resume.

For once, this is something we think everyone can agree upon.

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