Former Celtic star slams ‘null and void’ crowd

A former Celtic star turned pundit has weighed in on the ‘null and void’ crowd’s opinion, completely flipping the argument on its head.

It seems like this is all the same now. Every pundit, player and former player has their opinion on how the season should find its conclusion. It is interesting, but not surprising how many of these people’s opinions fall.

Former Celtic players, managers, and supporters do not stray far from the ideas of completing the season or just awarding the championship to the Hoops outright. Many of the other clubs in the Scottish Premiership League also fall along this line, because quite frankly, it is the most fair and equitable way of doing business.

However, you have the Rangers camp, who in natural fashion has a hard time thinking logically or what is best for FOOTBALL not for themselves. Naturally, they have been the champions of the ‘null and void’ campaign in which none of the last 30 matches played would mean anything.

This would greatly benefit a struggling club with their fragile egos as they would be able to say they did not lose out once again to Celtic for the ninth time in a row. Instead, the season simply didn’t happen.

Now, Davie Provan has had his say when writing in his column in The Sun:

“I’m guessing privately Lawwell would have happily accepted the title now allowing him to get on with flogging season books for the ten-in-a-row extravaganza. But if he found himself boxed in over the issue, he was right in saying this season can’t be declared null and void. That would leave broadcasters and season-ticket holders demanding money back.

“Under no circumstances should seven months of league results be wiped out. On the face of it at least, we now have the Old Firm clubs on the same page after Rangers managing director Stewart Robertson made Gers’ case clear.

“Asked about the possibility of the Premiership being decided on current standings, Robertson, with crass insensitivity, said: “We will work to ensure no one runs roughshod over people’s lives.” People’s lives? Has he noticed what’s happening in the real world?

“Either way, both Robertson and Lawwell are right to insist the season is completed. Those demanding an immediate end to the Premiership and distribution of prize money do it out of financial desperation.”

At least the managing director of Rangers has some common sense. He understands something the rest of his fanbase must understand: if this season is ‘null and void’ then any subsequent season with any type of stoppage will have the possibility of the same outcome, regardless of who is winning.

This is something that cannot happen just because clubs need financial relief. That can and should come from the SPFL. But, under no circumstance can the integrity of the league ever be compromised.

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