Jason Cundy makes delusional statement about Celtic

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Known Celtic critic, and TalkSport pundit Jason Cundy has once again embarrassed himself by making a bold claim about the Hoops.

Celtic loss 3-1 to FC Copenhagen on Thursday in the Europa League Round of 32. Yes, everyone knows this already but it’s important to set up the pretense for Jason Cundy’s ridiculous claims. Furthermore, Rangers advanced to the Europa League Round of 16, being the lone Scottish representative in European competition for the remainder of the year.

Celtic did lose against a club that was not favoured to win, and did so in a bit of a silly fashion. Questions have been raised about Neil Lennon‘s leadership and tactics in European competition, unfairly or not.

However, what is not fair is Jason Cundy’s comments about how Celtic has “shamed” Scottish football. Let’s be clear, Celtic has kept Scottish football on the map across the globe with their historic successes, and this appears to be a cheap attempt in gaining attention from a pundit who otherwise wouldn’t be bothered with.

Here are Jason Cundy’s comments from The Sun:

"“Celtic have shamed Scottish football. You think about what Rangers did over the last two legs. They went 2-0 down at home and won 3-2.“They had to go away and get a result, they done that. Celtic done the hard part. They got the away goal, they brought them back home, just make sure you get it done.“They are the side that will gloat about how many European trophies they’ve won… well they’ve won the big won haven’t they? The European Cup back in ’67.“They’ve shamed Scottish football. They went out 4-2 on aggregate, what’s that all about? They lost 3-1 at home. That’s embarrassing.”"

The only reason Scottish football is as successful as it is, is because of Celtic. The Hoops are well on their way to nine-in-a-row for claiming domestic championship, and for years have done all the legwork to help Rangers make European appearances.

It is a bit embarrassing that Celtic is no longer in Europe, but to say it has ‘shamed’ Scottish football is beyond absurd. Again, this is just another attempt to stay relevant while invoking the Hoops’ name.