Celtic have a huge decision to make before Aberdeen clash

Celtic will have a huge decision to make ahead of the Scottish Premiership League clash with Aberdeen this weekend in regards to the media.

Celtic barred Sky Sports from the press conferences ahead of the Hearts match that took place on Wednesday, in which the Bhoys went on to win 5-0 in a dominant performance. Sky Sports was barred in part due to their mishandling of the interview of Rangers’ Alfredo Morelos.

During that interview, Sky Sports, mistranslated Alfredo Morelos’ words, in which the English translation called out Celtic and its fan base for being racist. In fact, Alfredo Morelos never even mentioned the Hoops, and the entire mess was at best irresponsible journalism.

In back and forth statements, the Hoops and Sky Sports exchanged grievances, and weak apologies, respectively. However, little was done to rectify the situation by Sky Sports, despite making such an egregious error.

In response, Celtic barred Sky Sports from the press conferences ahead of the Hearts match. The issues lies in the fact that Sky Sports and the Scottish Premiership League have a media agreement which gives them access to coaches and players.

Furthermore, Sky Sports has a deal in place to air Scottish Premiership League matches in the future, and friction with the league’s most popular, and successful club could cause undue consequences for both the league and Sky Sports.

As such, the Hoops have a decision to make, and as Celtic Now and Forever rightly pointed out, the match against Aberdeen this weekend will be telling.

It seems that Sky Sports have tried to take steps forward in mending that relationship with the Scottish champions, when they gave extra press coverage to Celtic’s 5-0 win over Hearts on Wednesday.

Will it be enough to convince the Hoops to reign the escalation in, or will this become the next big drama in Scottish football?