What is Kieran Tierney’s Legacy at Celtic FC?

Most fans are aware of the Kieran Tierney blockbuster move down south to Arsenal. The deal landed Celtic a record-breaking £25m transfer fee for the 22 year-old left-back. Fans are left wondering what Tierney’s legacy will be with Celtic following his departure.


Many Celtic fans have seen the transfer of the young superstar as an outrage. Many fans blame Celtic for letting a homegrown superstar walk away for a mere £25m. Others blame Kieran Tierney personally for wanting to move on and play on a bigger stage that the English Premier League represents. Despite whether or not you approve or disapprove of the move, one thing is indisputable: Kieran Tierney’s lasting legacy at Celtic FC.

Kieran Tierney’s Celtic FC career began when he was a seven year-old boy. Tierney signed a contract that allowed him to play as part of the Celtic FC Youth Academy. As a young child, Tierney was an ardent fan of the green and white. By signing his first contract he was able to see his dream of playing for the Hoops starting to become true. The left-back quickly rose through the ranks gaining a sterling reputation as he grew. In April of 2015, Tierney saw his first competitive debut with the first team against Dundee.

During his competitive playing career with Celtic, Tierney was known for being a ferocious player. Fast, incredibly smart, and being a natural leader allowed Tierney to separate himself from the average. During the 2015-2018 campaigns, Tierney collected numerous personal accolades to include PFA Scotland Young Player of the Year three season in a row, and Player’s and Writer’s Young Player Award. Perhaps greater than the personal accomplishments were the team successes that Tierney was able to help provide. The left-back was apart of the Treble Treble for most of the campaigns, and helped to bring home domestic championships during his time with Celtic. Tierney brought great pride to Celtic Park and its fans during his tenure with the club.

However, it was not always good times with Kieran Tierney. The young player was frequently hurt with injuries to his ankle, shoulder, hip and most recently a double hernia. Tierney had trouble at times staying on the pitch for long periods of time during the season. The injury history is where he picked up the most criticism from fans, understandably so.

When Tierney was injured, he reverted back into being a true Hoops fan. Tierney was routinely found in the stands with fans when he was unable to play. The most memorable of these moments is when Tierney raced back from the hospital with a broken jaw to be present with the fans for the hoisting of the Championship Cup after defeating Aberdeen in 2017.

Kieran Tierney gave everything he had to Celtic FC for fifteen of his 22 years. Tierney wants to find a newer and larger challenge, as all competitive athletes wish to do. His legacy with Celtic FC will remain untarnished as he trades the hoops for the red of the Gunners. All of us at The Celtic Bhoys wish Kieran Tierney the best of luck!