Source claims changes at Celtic coming sooner than planned

One source might have some news regarding the upcoming changes at Celtic following their disastrous attempt to capture 10IAR this season.

It is clearly that things cannot go on like this for much longer at Celtic. Fans would have hoped that their form would take a turn with the turn of the calendar but things have only gotten worse.

First, they started off 2021 with a 1-0 defeat against the Rangers at Ibrox despite dominating proceedings and Steven Gerrard’s side not managing a shot on target. Then there was the ill-fated trip to Dubai that left Neil Lennon, John Kennedy and 13 first-team players in isolation. In the aftermath of the event, the Hoops have managed two draws with Gavin Strachan in charge of things temporarily.

There is no doubt anymore that the season is gone and after four consecutive trebles, there is a very real danger of the Hoops finishing trophyless this time around. So when will the board decide to change things up?

One source, who has been known to give reliable news in the past, has been reported by Video Celts as posting on the Kerrydale Street Message Board:

Just passing on what I’ve heard recently and tonight.

Lennon is finished, strachan too, probably Kennedy. Lawwel is done, Ross Desmond has been about for about 3 years, does support Celtic and has a lot more interest than Dermot.

This might be happening sooner than originally planned after recent weeks

Now is this someone taking a shot in the dark and hoping that it comes true or is there more to it? Honestly, we don’t know at this point. But the poster is known to be a reliable source.

What are these changes going to be if they do indeed come? Probably it should start with the manager. As we know, this is a talented squad and nowhere near as bad as they have appeared to be this season.

While Neil Lennon does not deserve all of the blame, he does need to go. There were serious questions about him when he returned for a second stint as manager and we have definite answers now. Unfortunately they do not make for positive reading. There are also serious doubts about Peter Lawwell’s future at the club as well as that of Nicky Hammond, as rumours about Ross Desmond continue to circulate.

After a season like that, it should not come as a surprise if there are indeed wholesale changes at the club from top to bottom. It might very well be what is needed to be brutally honest.