Could former Celtic manager replace Neil Lennon?

After a 3-3 draw at Aberdeen the pressure is turned up even further on Neil Lennon. Could the former Celtic boss be on the board’s mind as an option?

Celtic tend not to have knee jerk reactions to any crisis, there is way too much experience all around the club for that. Unlike the fans who have been indicating dissatisfaction of Lennon for a little while this season already. And ramping that up after poor performances.

Losing to the Rangers turned up the volume on that stream of comments. The AC Milan loss didn’t help. And although the draw with Aberdeen avoids breaking some historic records for consecutive losses, it’s only going to increase the noise further.

Although the Hoops fought back to take a 3-2 lead before conceding a second penalty at the end of the game, it wasn’t a good performance. It won’t be enough to settle anyone’s nerve and it won’t quell any comments about Lennon needing to move on. #LennonOut is beginning to trend on Twitter post match.

It’s an easy reaction though, fans are often unaware of all the behind the scenes facts. So whether it’s the right time and moment for the board to take such radical action may well depend more on what the likes of Peter Lawwell and Dermot Desmond know and can see for themselves. They have to review the true problem, assess Lennon’s situation and abilities to cope with that and apply their judgement. It’s likely Lennon will be given more time.

Equally though it may well depend on who those two see as alternative options as Celtic manager right now, at this point in a critical season. Anyone coming in would have to hit the floor running with no time to adjust or settle in. This also isn’t the right time to find many viable alternatives to bring in as manager. So if a good option presents itself, it may happen. But they’ll also want to have a solid contingency plan too.

Could that mean the board perhaps considering Strachan? The players are there, the quality is pretty good overall. The problem seems to be about organising and setting the team up tactically. He wouldn’t be a long term answer, but as a change that could make a difference in a critical season, his coaching and management skills alongside excellent technical knowledge may be a way forward. And an appointment for the season allows time to plan a new manager for the future.

Lawwell and Desmond are smart businessmen. It’s highly likely they have already discussed a strategy for this scenario. If so, would you bet against them having discussed Strachan as an option? And would you bet against one of them having had a quiet word to sound him out?