Edouard breaks silence and sends message to Celtic fans

Odsonne Edouard has finally broken his silence following his positive test yesterday and sent a message to the Celtic fans.

It was a bit of a shock for Hoops fans when news broke out that Celtic superstar Odsonne Edouard had been tested positive for COVID-19 when he turned up to join the French under 21s squad this week.

It’s believed that he may have caught the virus on his way to the French national HQ at Clarefontaine. Edouard is now well underway on his self isolation programme. Fans, and no doubt Neil Lennon, are all counting days on the calendar to try and work out when he will be available to play again. With Celtic’s busy fixture list and an upcoming Glasgow derby every day is critical.

Of course it’s not just about ticking off the days. There will be questions over a player’s fitness on their return and also perhaps on their mental health as being isolated is no simple event. They are also obviously unable to play for their country as they had expected too. And they too will have an eye on the calendar. In the meantime the Daily Record carries the story of Celtic asking questions to find out more on isolation requirements on his return to Scotland.

That makes it reassuring for Celtic supporters to see Edouard share a public message which is very upbeat and where the player is thinking of others too.

Celtic fans will be delighted to read that Edouard seems in good spirits despite the positive test. It keeps the possibility of him appearing in that Glasgow Derby open for the time being anyway although they can only be described as ‘slim’ at this point.. He definitely has a lot of best wishes heading his way from the green part of Glasgow for sure. Get well soon, Eddy.