‘Lie after Lie’ – Rangers fans have turned on Castore

It looks like the honeymoon period between the Rangers fans and Castore is over as they are now starting to call out the brand for their failures.

It’s been a tough week as a fan of the Rangers. From feeling they might have had an edge over Celtic they’ve spluttered to a goalless draw at Livingston and in many cases are starting to see the reality of their situation.

Honest evaluation of their players, their ability and more Gerrard out rumblings all started to indicate the pressure was building and the realisation of the task was being brought home.

As part of all that, when a prominent fans group takes a significant bash at their kit supplier Castore, and accuses them of misleading supporters, things can’t be looking good. That also coincides with an increasing number of fans still disappointed about the quality of the super duper goods the new firm were supposed to be providing.

The Sun has reported the light blues fans group ‘Four lads had a dream’ as the latest to break ranks and speak out again about the kit suppliers. It started with another supporters tweet.

The Sun explains how the Four Lads group responded via social media:

“This is the fine line between using fan media and a vehicle for just feeding the support lie after lie.

“Castore have not came across well at all.”

This all follows earlier disappointments on late delivery, damaged goods, poor quality kit, transfers missing, hanging off and so on.

There are also plenty of comments reflecting that they remember the original story being about quality goods to be Made in Britain.  And now being disappointed by the quality of the kits made in China, India or elsewhere.

And journalist Phil Macgiollabhain added to that with fan comments he has seen online too which he has included in his latest blog. Phil also referred back there to one of the other Castore kit issues, where Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct fit in and claims about exclusivity deals to sell items. He refers to a source from within Ashley’s empire who was quoted as saying:

“Ashley’s legal divisions have the deal sewn up more airtight than the International Space Station.”

Interesting, those rumours certainly aren’t going away are they?

Then just when they felt Celtic were falling apart the Hoops stormed to a 6-0 win in Champions League qualifying. What a week for the Rangers fans to start giving up hoping. This could be the start of another end for them.