Neil Lennon makes surprise admission after Celtic defeat

After a stunning defeat to Rangers in the Glasgow Derby, Celtic boss Neil Lennon makes a surprise admission about his club.

Celtic hosted Rangers on Sunday afternoon in a Scottish Premiership League Glasgow Derby match. The Hoops were thoroughly trounced by their rivals, and were outplayed in every stage of the match on the pitch.

For seasons, including this one, Celtic fans have believed that Rangers were nowhere near the calibre of club that the Hoops were. Now, that is distinctly untrue. For the last two matches between the two clubs, the Hoops have been outplayed, outgunned, and outsmarted. With no lucky breaks on Sunday, Rangers found the win.

Now, none of this means that there is no hope for Celtic. These next three weeks will be telling for the club. Additions will need to be made, discipline will need to be instilled, and lineup changes must be made. Serious, additions must be made. Immediate upgrades to the starting XI are required, particularly in the back line, and the midfield.

Speaking to the media during his post-game press conference, Neil Lennon admitted that maybe Rangers should be more carefully considered:

“It just means that it’s game on.

“‘It could have been an eight-point cushion or a five-point cushion. Now it’s a two-point cushion and if Rangers win their game in hand they’ll have a one-point cushion so there is nothing in it.

“We have to play better. We have to play stronger. We have to be more physical. I felt we were not reacting quickly enough to things today. In the throes of the game they were a little bit better than us today.”

Lennon is not a bad manager by any means, but he consistently lacks a solid game plan for primetime matches. After the showing at the Scottish League Cup final, changes seemed to be assured to take place. Instead, Lennon maintained the same formula, and the result was a Rangers win.

The first step to addressing the issue is admitting it. This is not a season ender, but it should be an eye opener for all involved, including the fans. These next three weeks will be what determines if Celtic truly can make it to nine-in-a-row, or if Rangers truly have caught up to the Hoops.