Rumour: Celtic to sign lucrative kit deal with Adidas

Celtic fans have been waiting years for the Hoops to sign a kit deal with Adidas, and after spending the last five seasons with New Balance, Adidas is on the horizon.

For years Celtic fans have been waiting for their club to partner with Adidas for kits, but that has never come to fruition. For the last five seasons, the Hoops have had a partnership with New Balance to supply them with their kits. There has been mixed reaction to the kits by New Balance, with many insisting the Hoops make a change.

Prior to New Balance, the Hoops had a kit deal in place with Nike, which had a much more positive response than the current New Balance kits. But, no matter who Celtic has had a deal in place with, fans have always wanted a deal with the most famous name in football: Adidas.

After years of mock kits created by fans, it is now being reported by Footy Headlines, that those could be coming close to fruition.

According to Footy Headlines, the Hoops are close to having the deal in place:

“We know that the New Balance Celtic deal will end after the season and now a Celtic Park insider has confirmed to us that the club will sign with the three-stripe brand next season.”

It sounds like nothing is concrete on the Adidas front, but Footy Headlines seems to have a pretty good beat on it. Signing a lucrative deal with Adidas would make sense for the Hoops, as it would appease the fans, and would see kit sales soar going into the 2020/21 season.

Again, this is all rumour at this point, but it does have some merit, as well as make sense for all parties involved. Here is to hoping we can soon give confirmation on the rumoured change to Adidas.

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