Cluj boss Dan Petrescu makes desperate plea before Celtic match

Cluj boss Dan Petrescu is making a desperate plea to the Romanian FA to postpone their upcoming domestic match ahead of their matchup with Celtic.

CFR Cluj is set to clash with Celtic FC on Thursday evening in Romania in the final match of the Europa League Group Stage. A draw or a win for the Romanian-side would see them through to the Europa League Knockout stages. Meanwhile, no matter the result, the Hoops have solidified the top seed out of Group E.

With their Europa League, European season and dreams on the line, CFR Cluj boss is making a plea to the Romanian FA ahead of the match with the Hoops. With a domestic match just ahead of the match with the Hoops, he is hoping the Romanian FA can postpone the match with Botosani. That domestic match is also scheduled to be an away fixture for the Romanian side.

Dan Petrescu does not believe in the depth of his squad, and thinks that they are incredibly tired due to all of the matches played in such a short period of time. As we have talked about numerous times on this site, depth is one of the strongest parts of this current Celtic squad. Something that CFR Cluj is unfamiliar with.

Speaking with the Daily Record, Dan Petrescu talks about his squad’s situation:

“It’s very important we postpone this match at the weekend otherwise we have no chance against Celtic .

“I don’t understand why there are so many games just now. You can see we are very tired.

“We are trying to qualify for the good of Romanian football and yet we are hampered by having to play so many games at this time.

“All of Romania should be supporting us at this time and we need all the help we can get.”

If some of his comments seem like whines and complaints, it’s because they are. Nearly all clubs in the Europa League play a rigorous domestic schedule, and none more so than the Hoops. Between three domestic competitions, Celtic can sometimes play a match every three days starting in the month of December.

While it may work for CFR Cluj in Romania, we doubt you would ever see such a thing happen in Scottish football.