Charlie Nicholas criticises Celtic star for bizarre reason

Charlie Nicholas, a former Celtic star himself, had some interesting things to say about Odsonne Edouard’s demeanor.

Charlie Nicholas was once a Celtic star himself, but now he takes to criticizing the Hoops on a regular basis. His most recent complaint about the squad comes in the form of Odsonne Edouard.

Apparently, the 21-year old striker does not celebrate nearly enough when he scores. He appears too casual, too calm and too collective. This “irritates” Nicholas to the point where he thought he needed to speak out against this travesty.

Speaking to the Express, Charlie Nicholas lets his feelings about Edouard’s lack of showboating known. He also cannot help himself when comparing Edouard to Ranger’s striker Alfredo Morelos:

“Odsonne Edouard is the top striker in Scotland but Alfredo Morelos is starting to close the gap.

“The Celtic frontman is a better all-round footballer, although he has this slightly annoying habit of looking too casual and uninterested a lot of the time.

“It’s as if he can’t be too fussed in the so-called lesser games. The thing that irritates me more than anything is his lack of celebration when he scores.”

Well, there it is. Charlie Nicholas is too worried about Odsonne Edouard’s celebration techniques to realize that in the end it doesn’t matter. The lad scored goals for Celtic at an alarming pace, and all he gets for it is Nicholas criticizing his celebrations or lack thereof.

The fact that Edouard doesn’t cause a big “fuss” over scoring a goal shows poise, and experience. The Frenchman acts like he has been there before. Add in the fact that Nicholas think Morelos is closing the gap in talent to Edouard is absurd. If anything, Morelos has been hyped up by the media, while Edouard has gone quietly to work solidifying his position as the top striker in Scotland. The quality of the two players is not even close.

Sure, Morelos is a good player, and may one day be world-class. However, Edouard has proven he is great, and could be considered world-class by those who covet him. In the end, Edouard is doing just about everything right, and Nicholas needs to worry about results, not celebrations.