Celtic Legend Discusses Sinclair’s Future with Club

Chris Sutton of the the Daily Record believes that Scott Sinclair has no future left with Celtic despite being added to the Europa League Group Stage squad.

The Celtic legend has never minces his words when it comes to talking about his former club. It continues to hold true after he wrote a piece about the future of Scott Sinclair at Celtic, which is apparently nonexistent.

Scott Sinclair has seen almost zero playing time all season, and has been snubbed out of even a substitution position. However, the veteran was added to the Europa League squad.

Chris Sutton believes that despite Scott Sinclair being added to the Europa League Group Stage squad he has been passed over for the likes of James Forrest, Mikey Johnston and Lewis Morgan and will not see much playing time on the pitch this season according to his column in the Daily Record:

“Scott Sinclair appears to have no future at Celtic. Europa League squad or not, the winger has been out in the cold.

“James Forrest, Mikey Johnston, Lewis Morgan are ahead of him. Marian Shved is there and Neil Lennon has brought in Mohammed Elyouanoussi on loan and he cost Southampton £16million last term.”

While we here at the Celtic Bhoys do not disagree with him on the depth chart and Neil Lennon’s preference for just about anyone else over Sinclair, we do disagree about Sinclair’s chances to see the pitch in the near future. Mikey Johnston’s status is up in the air due to injury, as is Marian Shved’s. This leaves Neil Lennon with two fewer options, and paves the wave for Scott Sinclair to see more playing time as The Celtic Bhoys recently discussed

Let us caveat this statement by saying, when Mikey Johnston and Marian Shved return fully healthy and ready to play, and if Sinclair cannot make the most of the opportunities provided to him, then and only then will Scott Sinclair’s future with Celtic truly be nonexistent. The veteran has a lot to offer to the young club, and if given the chance could have a great impact on the up and coming squad around him.