3 Lessons Learned as Celtic Dominates Rangers

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The feeling was in the air all week as fans braced themselves for another derby. The majority of pundits never gave Celtic a chance, and The Bhoys made them look like fools for not believing in them. A ton of lessons can be gathered by the 2-0 beating Celtic delivered to Rangers.

Every match is important, but none more so than the derby games against Rangers. Due to the importance of the match, little risks are taken by each side. This allows each side to field their best and hope for the same while gaining valuable lessons along the way. Celtic learned that the mainstream media “pundits” opinions do not matter much, an improvised defence was a stalwart, and Odsonne Edouard was fantastic.

The Pundits’ Words Do Not Mean Much When it Comes to Celtic

Last year, Celtic was beaten both times they travelled to Ibrox to face Rangers. The idea is that Rangers are a far better squad this year than they were the last time they faced Celtic. Multiple signings over the summer transfer window were supposed to boost their standing within the club. Celtic on the other hand had made far fewer moves than Rangers and many believed they have more holes. For these reasons, pundits were licking their chops just thinking about the drama that would occur if Celtic was defeated on Sunday.

Instead, Celtic took the pitch and showed the masses why they are a clear cut above Rangers. The superior talent level was on display enroute to a powerful statement win over Rangers. No doubt that the next time the derby rolls around pundits will still pick Rangers to win just so they can say “told ya so”, but Celtic knows now that those words hold no meaning.

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